Christmas Tree 1902 Whimsical Jigsaw Puzzle

Christmas Tree 1902 Whimsical Jigsaw Puzzle

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Size: 18" x 10"
303 pieces

What sets Green Tree Jewelry puzzles apart?

 Made in U.S.A

• Heirloom Quality – Our images are directly printed on the wood and paper – This means, there is no gluing the image on just to have it peel off over time. 
• Laser Technology – We use the finest cutting optical lens on the market! This results in tiny cut lines that won’t distract from the puzzle image.
• We use actual wood– Not low-quality MDF (Glue/wood scraps), which is often used and marketed as wood
• If you choose our paper option, know it is 100% recycled paper – sourced right here in San Diego. This is not your typical paper puzzle. It is just as thick (1/8th”) as the wood and has a velvet feel to it. 
• Each of our puzzles are placed in a cotton drawstring bag (not plastic!) and then packaged inside a cardboard box with an image of the puzzle.

Should I choose paper or wood? Depends on what you are looking for! We’ve explained more details about each option below.

• Smooth surface
• Natural wood undertones
• 1/8” thick wood
• Precision-cut pieces ensure smooth, easy assembly

100% Recycled Office Paper:
• Velvet, soft feel to the surface
• Our most eco-friendly puzzle option – can’t get better than 100% recycled material!
• 1/8” thick compacted office paper. Don’t let the word “paper” fool you. This is not your standard paper puzzle.  This material is rigid and durable. This means it is not easily bent!
• Locally sourced in San Diego, CA
• Manufactured using recycled office paper, heat, water, and thousands of pounds of pressure.


Wholesale Customers:

Please see the images which includes a photo of our puzzle piece display. This may be included with your order free of charge upon request with specific orders.