Amy Klobuchar Ornament

Amy Klobuchar Ornament #T046

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  • Made In U.S.A
  • Style #T045
  • Size 2.6 x 3.3
  • Amy Klobuchar Ornament
  • Doubles as an essential oil diffuser! Just add desired oil to natural wood back!
  • Comes as Shown (in your choice of paper or wood – see details below)
  • Birch Wood:

    • Made from eco-friendly, sustainably sourced birch wood

    • Laser-cut

    • 3mm thick

    • Image on front with natural wood back

    • Smooth to touch, glossy finish

    • Can be used as an essential oil diffuser by placing a few drops on the natural wood back.

    100% Recycled Compressed Office Paper:

    • A perfect representation of eco-mindedness given that most ornaments are plastic.

    • Our paper ornaments are the most eco-friendly Christmas ornament you can find on the market.

    • Made from 100% recycled raw office paper

    • 2mm thick – comparable to 20 sheets of paper

    • Locally sourced material - designed, and crafted in San Diego, California

    • Produced with water, heat and pressure. Absolutely no additives!

    • Extremely rigid and strong

    • Must be kept dry – can apply essential oils to back side, but they may discolor paper after long-term use.

    • Soft to touch, satin finish

*This product is not a politicalstatement by Green Tree Jewelry or carry any form of endorsement, but wedo firmly believe in the fundamental right of free speech and freedom ofexpression.

*It’s important to keep in mind: “Ahealthy democracy is about living with disagreement, not eliminating it.”

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